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2014 Christmas Appeal

“So blessed,” Trisha says quietly, watching her sweet daughter, Gracious, playing next to her, and her husband, J.C., smiling beside her. Following their twelve-year struggle with drugs and alcohol, this couple accepted Christ as Savior and are now walking daily with God. One appointment was all Trisha and J.C. needed to be convinced that Life Forward had the help they needed. They participated in parenting programs and learned child safety, baby health and nutrition and baby language skills. “J.C. and I benefitted tremendously from the programs, not only in our relationship with each other and our … [Read More...]

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501 (c)(3) Organization – Part Two

Corporate Stock If you own corporate stock that has appreciated in value, selling it might cause you to realize a net capital gain for the year, triggering tax liability. If you donate the stock to a 501(c)(3) instead, you can avoid this tax liability and deduct the value of the stock at the time you donated it. If your stock has depreciated you can sell the stock, incur a capital loss and donate the proceeds to a 501(c)(3). In this way you can deduct the value of your donation and, if you incur a net capital loss for the year, deduct the value of your capital loss. Limitations In most cases, you may deduct … [Read More...]

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